This site is about lxctl - utility to manage different aspects of Linux Containers (also known as LXC). The project was started when we have realized that we don't want to use OpenVZ anymore because of the ancient kernel. LXC itself doesn't give any convenient method of managing containers, so we've decided to make it more user-friendly. And now it have almost all abilities of vzctl utilities and some unique ones. Lxctl is modular, so you can easily add your own module which can be deployed separately. It's written in perl and distributes under two licenses: GPLv2+ or Artistic.

Version 0.3.0 released!

Good news, everyone!

Yesterday we released version 0.3.0. There are many improvements and changes, and some new modules too. Now about changes:


I've just addded some documentation about lxctl usage. It's rather poor but tells about all available options. You can find it here

Version 0.2.13

Today lxctl 0.2.13 was released.
We can now proudly say: yes, we have a migration. Not live - lxc itself does not support it- but working one.
From other changes: different improvements, bugfixes and minor changes. Code itself is not very clean, but we will fix it soon. Bash completion still is not very good and actual... But it is better, then no completion at all, huh?

How to add our repository to Ubuntu Lucid

Here is some information about adding repository to ubuntu lucid:

wget -q http://lxc.tl/repo/public.key -O - | sudo apt-key add -

and add folowing to your /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb http://lxc.tl/repo/lucid unstable/
deb http://lxc.tl/repo/lucid lucid/

Run apt-get update and enjoy!

Status update

First public release will be published ~12.07.2011

It'll be version 0.2-rc1

It still have some flaws, rough edges, etc. But it'll be usable at least in some environments. It'll fully work only with Debian-based OS (network is hardcoded to /etc/networks/interfaces and some fixes are debian/ubuntu specific).

More information will come somewhen around 12.07.2011


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